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Blackjack Mulligan and Kevin Sullivan vs Dory Funk, Jr. and Sir Oliver Humperdinck (Barbed Wire) NWA World Title Match: Ric Flair (ch) vs Mike Rotundo The Road Warriors (w/Paul Ellering) vs The Sheepherders (w/Johnny Ace) Bugsy McGraw, Ed Gantner and Scott Hall vs The Cuban Connection and The Tahitian Prince and more.. The Orlando Sentinel Kevin Sullivan - The devil made him do it. That’s what Kevin Sullivan will say about the manic, often demonic, behavior that defined his frenzied career. From his days as the depraved leader of The Army of Darkness in Championship Wrestling from Florida to his bizarre campaign to bring down Hulkamania in WCW, Sullivan walked with the wicked one wherever he went. Kevin Sullivan - IMDb

Robert Jack Windham (born November 26, 1942 ), better known by his ring name Blackjack Mulligan is a former professional wrestler, author and former ...NWA Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling house show footage -- late 70's early 80's featuring Blackjack Mulligan vs Big John Studd.

FLORIDA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - YouTube florida championship wrestling was owned by eddie graham and over the years featured nearly every major wrestling star there was including such greats as eddie and mike graham, dusty rhodes, jack brisco, terry and dory funk jr., ernie ladd , blackjack mulligan, lex luger, kevin sullivan, the purple haze, killer karl kox , barry windham, the fabulous freebirds, the zambuie express, the fabulous ML BO Lewin - The bears wrestling DVD collection Purple Haze, Kevin Sullivan & Mayha Singh (Bob Roop) vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Barry and Kendall Windham (Florida) Purple Haze w/Kevin Sullivan & Molokai vs Dusty Rhodes (Florida) Purple Haze & Kevin Sullivan vs. Dave Fox & Nick Balboa - Mulligan & Windham run in (Florida) Purple Haze & Kevin Sullivan vs. Van Winkle & Phil Apollo (Florida) 1984 - --::-- Superstar - Billy Graham Interferes with the Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan match trying to hang mulligan, till Mike Graham makes the save. August 6, 1984 West Palm Beach, FL Superstar Billy Graham, Kevin Sullivan won over Barry Windham & Scott Mcghee August 7, 1984 Punta Gorda, FL Superstar Billy Graham, Kevin Sullivan vs Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham Kevin Sullivan | WWE

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Hangman's Noose Match: Blackjack Mulligan vs. Kevin Sullivan: You know someone is hip and with it, as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" blares over the public address system. Sullivan is accompanied to the ring by, among others, Oliver Humperdink, "the Fallen" Angel (whom he physically abuses for the entirety of his entrance), and a couple of ... Battle of the Belts II review – Flair vs. Windham headline ... Road Warriors and Blackjack Mulligan vs. Kevin Sullivan, Bob Roop and Purple Haze. The arrangement of this card is weird. Why would you book two hardcore brawling matches back to back? Just sandwiching Barr/Luger between them would have made a big difference. As you’d expect this is a technical masterpiece especially when Sullivan and ...

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Matches « Dusty Rhodes vs. Kevin Sullivan « Rivalries ... Blackjack Mulligan, Dusty Rhodes & The Yellow Dog defeat Kevin Sullivan, Kharma & Ron Bass. CWF - Event @ Orlando, Florida, USA. 57: ... 10.000 Dollar Vs. Mask: Jake Roberts & Kevin Sullivan vs. Barry Windham & The Midnight Rider - Double Count Out. CWF - Event @ Tampa, Florida, USA. 93: CWF Championship Wrestling from Florida (Turnbuckle ... Kevin Sullivan, The Purple Haze & Maya Singh vs. Jimmy Backlund, Mike Allen & Tony D’amata. Kevin Sullivan interview. Kendall Windham vs. Mark Benedict. Kevin Sullivan interview. Blackjack Mulligan interview. Superstar Billy Graham interview. NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham. Blackjack Mulligan vs. El Rojas & The Marauder.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Blackjack Mulligan Jarrett Parsons Wrestling TV. ... Ric Flair vs Blackjack Mulligan - Texas Death Match ... Sid Vicious With Team Madness vs Kevin Nash Nitro 07.05.1999 ...

Blackjack Mulligan vs The One Man Gang (barbed wire) ... Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan (Walking Tall Match) Florida Title Match: Kendall Windham vs Prince Iaukea Hector Guerrero vs The Cuban Assassin--plus 2 more. Last edited on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 02:20 am by cman73.

~~~Kevin Sullivan vs. Arn Anderson (sub for Pillman) ended in a No Contest when Ric Flair proposed they form an alliance.Their primary rivals were Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan, Mike Graham, Mike Rotundo, Barry and later Kendall Windham.